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Chilean Sea Bass

Primary Source: Argentia, Chile, South Africa
Scientific Name: Dissostichus eleginoides (yellowtail)
Common Names: Patagonian toothfish, Antartic cod, isefish

General Information
Chilean Sea Bass has a rich, melt in your mouth flavor. The moderately oily meat is tender and moist with large thick flakes. Meet from raw Chilean sea bass is snow white. When cooked, the meat remains white, comparable in appearance to cod.

Chilean Sea Bass is an excellent fish for grilling, but the skinless fillets must be handled carefully so they do not fall apart while cooking. You can also poach or sauté the meat, but avoid heavy sauces that compete with the fish’s own full flavor. Because of its high oil content, Chilean sea bass also lends itself to smoking. The same characteristics make it unusable for Frying.

Chilean Sea Bass

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